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Empowerment is not a step. It is a journey of rehabilitation, growth and self confidence. Empowerment is freedom without limits. This being said, we believe every individual is entitled to equal opportunities to take their decisions independently without having to struggle for their basic rights. We are proud advocates of gender equality, giving men and women equal responsibilities, rights and opportunities. 


In a country like India, girl child abortions, education, societal status and acceptance remain to be some of the major problems society acutely faces. To be able to overcome these challenges at a grassroot level while also open peoples’ minds and change their perspectives towards equality and women is an expedition we choose to take continually forward with vigour. Women today are equally capable, if not more than men to stage most jobs and tasks. They are capable of handling pressure even more than men. Empowering women means empowering half the humanity and we fervently believe in their strengths that can unequivocally contribute to the world.

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