Domestic Violence

Contrary to what most people believe, domestic violence is not just physical abuse, it can be emotional, mental, psychological, verbal or any form of harassment. During the covid-19 pandemic, domestic violence and gender based violence against women has emerged as a big public health threat with studies showing a 92% increase in domestic violence cases throughout the country. 

Restrictive mobility and fear of getting caught prevent abuse victims from seeking help and reaching out to their regular support systems. 

Increased interaction between couples, frustration, fear, food insecurity, uncertainty, and unemployment may create a notion of inadequacy in men leading to tensions victimising women and using violence as a way to assert their authority over women. 


Inspite of several initiations domestic violence still has a disturbing rate in India. More so during the current lockdown situation. Almost every third married woman has faced domestic violence by their husband, of which only 14% choose to seek help. 


The foundational challenge faced by our society when it comes to domestic violence is the lack of education among children and especially the stigma attached with girls. Dealing with uneducated men and counselling them is an extremely important step in this process of overcoming the issue, as most cases of violence happen due to temper tantrums. We are trying to work at a grass-root level to educate, counsel, employ and secure men. 

A safe and happy upbringing of children is imperative especially by how their parents behave and treat each other. We are trying to give little boys in our schools the right message and educate them with the right knowledge of gender equality and treating all with respect. 


The fight to stop this maltreatment against women is a long one, however we must do everything possible to succour this cause. With our initiative #HothurEmpowers , Hothur Foundation aims to help victims of domestic and gender based violence get their lives back on track. Currently the foundation is sheltering these women and their children in safe homes and helping them get back to normal with psychological counselling, rehabilitative therapy, financial aid and medical treatment. 


Increase in domestic violence cases throughout the country during Covid-19 pandemic

Almost every third married woman has faced domestic violence by their husband


women choose to seek help from domestic violence faced by their husband