Acid Attack

Acid attacks are one of the worst forms of gender based crimes that can not only be life threatening but also defile identities of the victim permanently scarring their bodies, faces, mind and soul. Acid attacks are often caused due to rejected marriage or sexual advances, marital discord, dowry, sadistic pleasure or just a bump in the male ego. 


Victims of acid attacks have been long ignored, shunned and marginalised by society and sometimes by their own families. With an insignificant and difficult recovery rate, it as a challenge to restore their true identity in medical and emotional terms, one that we take up with utmost care. In spite of all the permanent trauma and stress, more than 1000 acid attacks go unreported by the victims and their families and no law has been passed to protect these victims or against the perpetrator.


The crime of acid attacks leads to fatal second and third burns which in most cases are not recoverable. They need intensive medical care and multiple surgeries to become as close to normal. The fight for recovery is a long and difficult one but we hope to achieve victory over violence for these brave women who have been through unimaginable things in life. 


Hothur Foundation CEO also champions the SKIN BANKING and Skin Donation campaign for acid attack survivors in India and is working hard to popularise this across the world; a procedure that helps save victims’ lives by replacing burnt skin with grafted one and bank the skin for acid survivors.


Acid attack cases go unreported each year 

Acid is available for as less as 25 rupees per litre.


In 2018, 228 acid attack cases were were recorded out of which only ONE was convicted. 


In 2018, out of 228 cases only ONE was convicted.