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The literacy rate of a country is a direct indicator of its overall socio-economic development. A higher level of education leads to greater awareness of the political, socio-economic and cultural environments with better response respectively and is possibly the solution to most; if not all adversities such as poverty, gender based crimes, stagnation and underdevelopment. 


Childhood education plays an integral role in mental health development and provides a threshold for personality traits in the future. 

One of the gravest issues faced by our country remains lack of child education especially of the girl child, a challenge attached with many stigmas. We strongly believe every girl must be educated and without it families cannot move forward economically and socially. Providing education is a basic right that no human should be denied of. The importance of quality education is manifestly known to us and we educate the children in our schools and educational institutes keeping in mind a vision of a better tomorrow. Because Educating the nation is Empowering the nation. 

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