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Child Marriage

Child marriage is a major violator of children’s rights, exposing them to the risk of violence and exploitation. Child marriage is a serious offence affecting both boys as well as girls, however, girls are more often and disproportionately hit by it. 


The minimum legal age for marriage in India is 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys. Child marriage has long standing adverse influences on the lives of young girls and henceforth on the society and community, preventing them from their right to education, health, protection, under age labour and more. The girl child is also more prone to the risk of underlying diseases and health threats with the increased chances of childbirth at a young age. 


Child marriage in India is a complex socio cultural issue rooting back to stereotypes, societal norms and regressive gender based discriminatory behaviours. Hothur Foundation is trying to educate children anf society about their basic rights working on a grass root level to eliminate this act of violence. 

15 lakh

A minimum of 15 lakh girls under 18 get married in India

India has the largest number of brides in the world – one-third of the global total.


Nearly 16 per cent adolescent girls aged 15-19 are currently married.

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