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The global Corona virus outbreak has affected millions of lives, some more gravely than the others. It has been an extremely challenging time and all our hands at the foundation have been occupied.  Minimum and daily wage earners have been hit by the national lockdown most severely as they struggle to put food on their tables every day. 


Hothur Foundation organised multiple food distribution drives providing three nutritious meals a day with its #HothurNutriMeals initiative in addition to giving financial aid, hygiene supplies and employment opportunities. Our goodwill ambassador, Sonu Sood has been a selflessly invested efforts and resources to aid our initiatives. 


Another disturbing issue faced by our country amidst the surge is household violence, the shadow pandemic. Domestic violence cases increase two fold amidst an already serious pandemic. Men violently take out their frustration on women, who are stuck with no means to be heard or defend themselves from the increased outbreaks in addition to restricted mobility. 

Hothur Foundation has been helping victims of domestic violence with financial aid, shelter where necessary and counselling over the phone with #HothurEmpower . A helpline number has been set for victims to reach us. We aim to reach out to and help maximum women as many women as our resources allow. 


At Hothur Foundation we have been translating global actions and conversations to help the ones most strongly hit by the pandemic so they get through the crisis fairly. The damaging consequences of the diseases have not only been limited to the loss of life but also have had severe socio psychological consequences on survivors of acid attacks supported by Hothur Foundation. Consequent lockdowns have resulted in fears, anxiety and sadness.


Unfortunately the survivors have doubly suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of them were facing severe domestic violence during the lockdown situation induced by the pandemic. The foundation has been providing them with professional counselling and aiding them with financial and legal support. Employment insecurity, lack of food, abusive husbands caused further troubles to them and their children for which we are taking all the necessary steps.  



Lastly, with #HothurWarriors we aim to tribute all frontline workers, especially medical practitioners for keeping our healthcare systems smoothly running. To commemorate their courage and spirit of selflessness, Hothur Foundation has put together a constructive plan to help ease health care workers in financial crisis. Their long hours of service despite the known risks to their families, shortage of health equipment and pay cuts due to lack of funding did not derail their intentions of treating the inflicted. 


Praying for the health and safety of all! 

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