Hothur Foundation has been working on various projects in uplifting the economically backward section of society.
Hothur Foundation has provided Aid and support in various projects from 2011 till 2020.Some of them are as below:

94 Women Empowerment Providing financial aid to acid attack survivors to start small businesses during Covid-19 catastrophe
93 Women Empowerment Celebrating international yoga day and providing aid to acid attack survivors during the Covid-19 catastrophe
92 Disability Providing hygiene kits to the differently abled during the Covid-19 catastrophe
91 Women Empowerment Talk with usimdfc and fondazione Corriere Della Serra (Itlay)
90 Women Empowerment Skin banking campaign for Acid Attack Survivors
89 Disability Aid Child Acid Attack Survivors Empowerment And Rehabilitation
88 Women Empowerment Ara Lumiere X Dhruv Kapoor presentation Milan fashion week
87 Women Empowerment Skill Training pottery Workshop for Acid Attack Survivors
86 Women Empowerment Stop Acid Sale Campaign for Acid Attack Survivors
85 Women Empowerment Milan Fashion Week ( Camera Nazionale Della Moda Prize )
84 Women Empowerment Chime for change GUCCI
83 Women Empowerment Acid attack Survivors working on art for Ara Lumiere
82 Women Empowerment Partnered with Meer Foundation. Beauty Enhancing Makeup workshop conducted at UTC Bangalore
81 Women Empowerment Potraits by Bjorn Wallander on exibit at Clan Upstairs at Milan Fashion Week
80 Women Empowerment Partnered with Vogue Beauty Awards to spread awareness on skin banking
79 Women Empowerment Pride Walk – Program conducted to stop acid attack and raise awareness on skin banking  and Disabilities 
78 Women Empowerment Participated in LFS conclave Mumbai at FAD for spreading awareness on skin banking
77 Educational Aid Educational Aid to the Blind School
76 Women Empowerment Fankind with Ananya Panday
75 Educational Aid Colours of hope for Differently Abled Kids
74 Women Empowerment Training workshop for acid attack survivors
73 Women Empowerment Skill training workshop for acid attack survivors
72 Women Empowerment Chapaak movie screening for acid attack survivors
71 Women Empowerment Taomoda Exhibit And Awards at Sicily
70 Women Empowerment Participated in Scouting for India initiative by Vogue Italia X FAD to encourage and empower acid attack survivors
69 Women Empowerment Burn Camp for acid attack survivors
68 Women Empowerment Sharing joy with Art And Empathy With The Specially Abled
67 Women Empowerment Workshop for Acid Attack Survivors in Bombay ISDI Institute
66 Women Empowerment Invited By Meer Foundation to be a part of Birthday celebrations and launch of ZERO movie trailer by Shahrukh – Khan
65 Women Empowerment Peace For Economy with His Holiness Dalai lama
64 Sports Aid Marathon for differently abled with provision asia
63 Disability Aid Empowering The Differently Abled
62 Women Empowerment Acid attack Rehab at St. Johns Hospital, Bangalore
61 Disability Aid Sponsored soft skill and basic computer training for differently abled women with Provision Asia
60 Women Empowerment Global changemakers
59 Disability Aid Art Therapy With The Differently Abled (Colours Of Hope)
58 Women Empowerment Empowerment and beauty enhancing makeup workshop
57 Women Empowerment Empowering The Blind And Deaf Girls Hostel
56 Women Empowerment Partnered with Stardust for spreading awareness on acid attack survivors working on Ara Lumiere
55 Celebration Disability Day Celebration with Provision Asia
54 Women Empowerment Motivational Workshop For Acid Attack Survivors at St Johns
53 Women Empowerment Survivors working on Ara Lumiere
52 Women Empowerment Pride of India received by our brave survivor
51 Educational Aid Adopted Higher primary schools at Veni Veerapura Village
50 Women Empowerment Ara Lumiere on official calendar of Milan Fashion Week presentation
49 Child Empowerment Celebrations with Differently abled kids
48 Women Empowerment Vocational Training for Acid Attack Survivors
47 Women Empowerment Support and Aid for the home for the aged
46 Women Empowerment Disability Wheelchair marathon with Provision Asia
45 Women Empowerment Breast cancer Awareness Pink Campaign
44 Women Empowerment Celebrating Specially Abled Kids with Mitra Special School
43 Women Empowerment Empowerment of Acid Attack Survivors
42 Medical Aid Organised and sponsored Cataract Eyes camp and surgeries for Underprivileged people in Hospet District
41 Educational Aid Sponsored scholarship for students of Indian children English primary and high school, KG Halli, Bangalore
40 Medical Aid Sponsored Blood camps in Association with Lions Club
39 Orphanage Aid Donated to St.Joseph convent school, Holy family home for the Aged – Complete Home and Kitchen Electronics and Provisions
38 Educational Aid Donations given to Vinayaka Saraswathi Vidhya Peeta, Teacher Training Institute (D.Ed)
37 Women Empowerment Mitra special school for disabled Empowerment in Association with Provision Asia
36 Women Empowerment Raising Awareness On Skin Banking on NDTV
35 Women Empowerment Survivors Post surgery (Burn Camp)
34 Education for the Girl Child Ramp for champs (sponsored education for the girl child at Smile Foundation)
33 Disability Aid Celebrating Disability Awareness Day at Sanchez UB City
32 Educational Aid Providing basic amenities to Greater Hope International Orphanage
31 Education Aid Aid to Shishu Mandhir Orphanage
30 Educational Aid Provided School Shoes to children in Sukrupa School
29 Religious Aid Constructed Temple For Town
28 Educational Aid Donation given to School – St. Joseph Convent School
27 Women Empowerment Saroj empowerment and vocational training for Acid Attack survivors
26 Medical Aid At Manipal Hospital – Treatment For Neurofibroma Patients
25 Orphanage Aid Donated All Kitchen and Home Electronics Supplies to Madarasa-e-noorulquran
24 Sports Aid Wheelchair Marathon with Provision Asia
23 Aid to Women home Provided Groceries and Medicines to Mahila Dakshitha Samithi
22 Women Empowerment United women’s international congress
21 Women Empowerment Christmas Celebrations With Differently abled and acid attack survivors
20 Women Empowerment Empowering differently abled women EmpowHER
19 Child And women empowerment Aid to Women and Children at the Slums
18 Women Empowerment Empowerment and Vocational training For acid attack Survivors
17 Women Empowerment TCS Disability Wheelchair Marathon with Provision Asia
16 Women Empowerment Awareness on skin banking Trunk Show with designer Masaba Gupta
15 Educational Aid Created Wahab Reading Library at the Rotary Club, Hospet District
14 Women Empowerment Cook for smile with Smile Foundation
13 Orphanage Aid Provided Kent water purifiers to Disabled in Provision Asia
12 Rehabilitation Aid Provided Complete Kitchen and Home Electronics to Ashraya Social Welfare and rehabilitation center
11 Educational Aid Green Park Extension, New Delhi Children has been sponsored for health care and good education
10 Women Empowerment Organised self-employment training for 250 women for three months at Papinayakanahalli Village, Vijayanagar
9 Infrastructure Aid Providing Bus Shelters for public service Bellary
8 Wild life Aid Adopted animals at Shree Chamarajendra Zoological Garden Mysore
7 Women Empowerment Black Tie Charity Gala for Child Girl
6 Food Aid Distribution of food grains and Other basic needs to Bellary citizens
5 Aid to old age home Providing All Basic Amenities and Electronics to Little Sisters Home for Old Aged
4 Medical Aid Donated Ambulance to Islami Baitulmal / Masjid E-azam, Adechtra Circle
3 Sports Aid Organised program at Taluk Stadium, Vijayanagara College, Hospet, Vijayanagar Kusthi Akhada to encourage of Rural Sports
2 Women Empowerment Christmas celebrations with Acid Attack survivors and Differently Abled Kid at Sanchez Bangalore, UB City
1 Social service Launched Drinking Water Supply Tankers at Hospet