The The Foundation is happy and privileged to be associated with other like-minded renowned Associations/Institutions to serve the needy. Following are some of such associations:

Meer Foundation

Meer Foundation Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s welfare organization,
To enable, enhance and encourage – empower women by making them feel appreciated and inspired, and to foster humility, pride and gallantry among the men in their lives. To tap into the bravery, warmth and optimism that exists within us all.



Through Smile Foundation, Hothur Foundation has sponsored children, by empowering them with good education, healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes.



 An international organization, Save the Children, has 12 branches in India. Their main aim being  educating children, providing immunization, releasing children from bonded labour and saving  them from natural calamities, it is only natural for Hothur Foundation to associate with them.  By financially assisting maintenance of children every year, the The Foundation has helped a lot of children  through Save Children.



In another bid to upwardly mobile the social cause, Hothur Foundation has been adopting a  number of animals at the Mysore Zoo. The The Foundation is Keen on conservation of  the natural ecosystem  and the The Foundation ensures the maintenance and growth of a large number of fauna.

  • The The Foundation has the foresight to see that help is needed not only in Karnataka but also in neighboring  states, Pan India and other neighboring countries and the The Foundation is trying to expand its  establishments worldwide to accomplish the related tasks during calamities and other disasters.
  •  With a view to enhance its activities to reach all the needy people in and around Karnataka and the  neighboring states, the The Foundation extends invitation to all such like minded Charitable The Foundation, Corporate  bodies and also philanthropic minded elites, to pool together to serve the people.



Pragya Singh is an Acid attack survivor turned activist who has been fighting for providing relief and rehabilitation to her fellow acid survivor by coordinating with eminent doctor from across the country for medical advice, personal counselling and generating permanent source of regular income for all of the survivors who are in need.

Pragya is the founder of Atijeevan Foundation and her main priority is to work for rehabilitation for the victims. She has been coordinating closely with other NGOs like ASF India and CSSAAW to rope in all the survivors and fight collectively.

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