To Spread its arms across all over Karnataka in a short span of time and also to reach the needy in the other neighbouring states.

The Road Ahead

To get itself associated with more bigger world wide Associations to reach the needy not only in Karnataka and the neighbouring states, but also pan India and other neighbouring countries during natural calamities.

With a view to enhance its activities t reach all the needy people in and around Karnataka and the neighbouring states, the Trust extends invitation to all such like-minded Charitable Trusts, Corporate bodies and also philanthropic minded elites, to pool together to serve the people.

Our Philosophy

Hothur Foundation believes in Placing the needs of the Under-privileged first, giving to the society all ingredients that make up a decent life. By extending help to the under-privileged members of our society and giving them more reasons to smile, we strive to enrich the lives of many by ensuring them good living standards.

We aim to escalate our sphere of work, by reaching out to the neighbouring states as well. To be able to extend a helping hand all across the nation is what we strive. We also endeavour to associate with Charitable Organisations akk over the world, and play a defining role in making the world a better place.