The Trustees and Executive director of Hothur Foundation have devised a number of schemes and programs in accordance with the Trust’s aims and objectives. After a detailed research and analysis, few activities were outlined.

Objective of the Trust

  • To established, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance support and/or aid to or help in the setting up and/or maintaining and/or running schools and other institutions orphanages, widow homes, lunatic asylums, poor houses or other establishments for relief and or help to the poor, old and infirm and/or destitute.

  • To give, provide and/or render help and assistance in cash or kind to poor and/or destitute people widows, etc…,

  • To give, provide and/or render help and assistance to and/or implement any scheme for providing livelihood and up-Liftmen of the poor.

  • To give, provide and/or render food, medicine and other help and/or assistance in any shape or form to the poor deserving and needy persons.

  • To given provide and/or   render monetary and/or help and assistance for the relief of person and animals   affected by natural and other calamities such as flood , fire famine , cyclone ,earth quake, storm , accident ,pestilence , drought , epidemic ,unbearable cost of living and the like to give donations subscription or contribution in institution , establishment centers  or  person doing relief work on such occasion.

  • To start and assist any relief work measure in these parts which care or become subject to nature calamities explained above.

  • To establish maintain or grant aid for the establishment or maintenance of wells tube well, tanks, water  reservoir and trees and constriction of repair to path , roads , bridge etc, for the use of public.

  • To give provide distribute dhotis  , blanket  , woolen clothing quits  and  other  verities of cloths or others articles necessary and facility for the  poor.

  • To open found , establish ,promote ,setup , run , maintenance  , assist , finance , support  and aid help in the setting up up  and  or maintaining and/or running school and college and lecture houses and  other establishment or intuition  for advancement of education and of knowledge in arts , science , literature , humanities and all other useful subject in all their manifestation.

  • To open found , establish ,promote ,setup , run , maintenance  , assist , finance , support  and aid help in the setting up up and or maintaining and/or running hospital, boarding houses,  libraries, reading rooms , gymnasium , and their training , and vocational institutes.

  • To promote advance and encourage and/or aid in helping and promoting advancing and encouraging primary , secondary and higher education including technical and medical education also physical training, training of handicapped , fine art and other useful arts,craft, sewing,machines,among the public including the establishment and meatiness of training centers for poor societies and other welfare centers for them.

  • To foster and engorge education and training in handicraft, finance among women folk in general  and establish , maintain ,  support or help by  monitory gifts or otherwise , centers and institution for women and children and provide social welfare work for women and children.

  • To meet traversing boarding and lodging expenses for student going adored for higher commercial and technical education .

  • To grant , pay or given scholarship, stipend , price, rewards, allowance and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to help them in prosecuting their studies in school, college , education institutes , technical institute , art school, institution teaching , commercial and other training, research or education work in India and adored .

  • To open found establish , promote , set-up ,  run , maintain , assist , finance , support , and/or help in the sitting up of and/or maintaining and/or running hospitals , charitable dispensaries , maternity home , child , welfare centers , convalescent homes , sanitariums , hostels , and other similar institution or center for rendering or providing medical relief and/or to the suffering humanities or for the research centers and institution for promotion or research and education for medical  science including surgery.

  • To open found establish , promote , set-up , run, maintain , assist , finance , support , and/or help in the sitting up of and/or maintaining and/or running by monitory gifts or otherwise centers stadium ,playground , and park for public use sport ,  games and other social welfare works and/or activities in Bangalore and/or other place in India.

  • To promote organize , administer  establish , support , maintain  and/or grant aid to any person institution or society or organization whatsoever having for this object of charitable purpose and to incur expenditure in connection there with.

  • To help in the preservation of cattle and useful animal.

1.Education Support services

Ensuring good education to each child is one of the primary goals of the Trust. In a diverse state as ours, negligence is unavoidable. We have taken up the task of aiding education of all those children who cannot afford it. The Trust financially assists supports and maintains schools for all the children in need, especially the children of convicts, lepers, sex-workers, migrant workers, HIV positive parents, children with disabilities, orphans and drop-outs.

2.Medical Aid

In its bid to eliminate chronic and other diseases from villages, the trust assists in mobilizing medical units to visit various villages/residential areas along with medical practitioners, to attend to patients with such diseases. Apart from making people aware, the trust also supports and maintains maternity nursing homes for the needy. Also in the pipeline is the setting-up of pediatric centers to attend to children suffering from contagious diseases.


The trust acknowledges clothing as one of the basic requirements in a society. Thus we assist in mobilizing funds/clothing to the under-privileged especially in winters.


To avoid young girls being forced into marriages due to financial burden and other causes, the trust arranges and assists to educate the parents and the girls. It helps in conducting mass marriages. The Trust also provides assistance to set up the married family life for the young couples.


To ensure proper pre and post maternity care, the trust helps, assists, and arranges to extend medical care by setting-up maternity homes. This is specially designed for women using conventional unhygienic methods or practices.

6.Setting-up Various Institutions

In order to provide a firm roof above every one’s head, Hothur Foundation endeavors to set-up, grant aid, and maintain institutions for orphanages, destitute women, lunatic asylums, rehabilitation centers, correction homes for juveniles, etc. We aim to have in our social purview; all the sections of the society are need of help.

7.Knowledge Centers

To educate the people to live a better life with regard to hygiene and social togetherness, the trust also organizes savings, facilities available through Govt. sources, banks, financial institutes etc. It also helps in setting up knowledge enrichment centers, with periodic lectures from professional speakers/teachers drawn from different fields.


The trust identifies villages/places which are not connected by proper roads, hospitals, reading centers etc and assists in approaching the concerned authorities through the local governing bodies of panchayat in arranging for the same.