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Hothur Foundation is promoted by Wahab Group of Companies, a name associated with diversified business in Karnataka. Mining industry business being their main-fold business, they follow the high quality systematic and scientific standards to protect the environment and conserve nature.  They continuously strive to improve landscaping by planting and nurturing trees and thus adhere to the eco-friendly and sustainable mining methods.  The Wahab Group of Companies always believes in “giving back to the Society” has consciously on its own, embraced itself with the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). The Hothur Foundation, spearheaded by Kulsum Shadab Wahab aimed at addressing and uplifting of the economically backward by providing for basic amenities including quality educations, medical aid, maternity guidance, counseling, matrimonial aid for girls as well contribution to infrastructural growth through roads, education centers and bus shelters etc.  The Hothur Foundation also partners with other charitable institutions and corporate set up who share the common vision of a better life for the deserving.

 Late Mr. Hussain Peeran commenced trading in Gade Hothur. a small hamlet in Vajrakarur Mandal, in the Ananthapur District of Andhra Pradesh, as a young entrepreneur in 1957.  He went on to become a successful businessman. He believed in giving back to the society and thus sowed the first seeds of giving to the needy.



Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab

     Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab, chairman of the Wahab Group of Companies, is a multi faceted leader with 40 years of dedicated service. He has Successfully steered the Group and chartered a success story.  Under his dynamic leadership, all the philanthropic activities have taken a nebulous shape. 



Mr. Hothur Shadab Wahab     Mr. Hothur Shadab Wahab the trustee of Hothur Foundation, has persisted  the humanitarian work undertaken by his forefathers.  With the changing times, he ushered a corporate structure in to the Trust, making each resource as well as person accountable in the trust.



Mr. Hothur Shadab WahabMrs. Kulsum shadab Wahab, the CEO of Hothur Foundation, has Brought accolades to the Trust by being in constant touch with the different sections of our society needing assistance.  To be able to make each one self – sufficient and enable everyone to lead at life of dignity, has been her ultimate aim, and towards the fruition of this aim, are her deeds directed.

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